School Improvements

New School Library

September 2020

Over the last few months, we have been creating a space in school and sorting through all of the books so that we can build a beautiful new library, full of new and exciting books for the children to read.

A great amount of money used for this project came from fundraising over the past few years and it is lovely to think that your kind donations have been turned into a space that will really benefit your child’s learning.

We really believe what it says on the wall of the library: 'The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.'


Creating our School Garden

June 2019

Each class were asked for suggestions for the use of this area within the school grounds. The most popular request was a garden so we could grow our own vegetables, which we could then use in healthy cooking recipes.

Each class are responsible for caring for their seeds with the help of Eco Club members.

The Health for Life programme promotes an ethos and environment, which encourages a proactive approach to developing a healthy lifestyle. It focuses on growing food, healthy eating and cooking, and physical activity. Mondelēz International sponsors the programme and with their funding, we have been able to buy cooking equipment and install raised beds for planting vegetables.

Pupils considered what they would like this area to be used for.
The most popular idea was to create a planting garden.

The wooden planters were soon ready to be filled.
Year 6 filled the raised beds with soil.

Each class were given seeds to grow.
We are sowing baby carrot seeds.

Planting radish seeds.
Watering the pea seeds.

Each class are responsible for caring for their crop.
We hope to harvest our crops in Autumn term.

Nursery Playground

October 2016

After receiving a grant from the Lottery fund to improve our Nursery playground, the children in Nursery (current Reception children) helped to design and plan the playground they would want. They painted, made sculptures, cut out pictures from catalogues and talked to Mr Hird about what they would want their playground to look like.

In October 2016 the work started on the playground. The children had the opportunity to see the work being carried out at every stage. The diggers were delivered first and before work began the children had a chance to have a look at a real digger. To help the children learn about what was happening we provided toy vehicles, hi-vis vests, hard hats and construction material for them to use. The children copied some of the things they observed outside but also made up their own ideas. Staff left empty boxes around the conservatory, these became houses, boats, trucks and much more.

The children in the Nursery enjoyed watching each stage of the process and learnt about many of the tools the workmen used. We looked at the book 'Tip, tip, dig, dig' by Emma Garcia, which explains how a derelict piece of land is turned into an adventure playground. The children learnt about many different vehicles construction workers use, from a crane that lifts to a bulldozer that pushes.

When the work was complete, the children went outside to explore their new playground. They have opportunities to practise their mark making and writing skills, gross motor skills on the bikes and number work. They have begun experimenting with large amounts of water on the water wall, after having an outside tap installed. The children have begun planting winter bulbs to learn about living and growing and will see these plants grow over the next few months.

With the addition of a mud kitchen and some planters, the children will be exposed to a lot of outdoor learning and understanding the world around them.

The old playground.
First day of digging.

Resurfacing the playground.
The finished playground is looking good!

View from Year 6.
With the right clothing, we can use the new playground all year round.

Water play zone.
Mark making.

Outdoor Gym

March 2014

Work on our Outdoor Gym begain in February, and it was opened in March 2014. Here are some 'before and after' photographs showing its construction and launch.