Year 3

Miss Crane welcomes you to Year 3. We aim to provide a stimulating and happy environment for all children.

In the mornings, children complete their Mathematics and English work, alongside other activities such as singing and reading groups. In the afternoons, the children do their topic work, which can incorporate Art, Design and Technology, use of computers, history, geography and all other subjects in the National Curriculum.

Homework is always given out on a Friday and children are expected to hand it in on the following Wednesday, along with their reading diaries. The reading diary should be completed by the child and a few comments about the book being read should be noted down.

Reading books are changed weekly. Most children in Year 3 are able to choose their own reading book from the class library, but some children who require a little extra support with reading will follow a reading scheme.

Spellings are given out weekly and are tested on the following week. There are usually 5-10 spellings to learn each week.

We have one class assembly every year, and each child is given the opportunity to take part. There is usually an entertaining mix of singing, drama, poetry and prayer and all children are involved. Parents are invited to attend.

Inspire Workshops - what a wonderful way for parents and carers to find out what their children get up to at school! There are many practical and hands-on activities to enjoy; past activities have included making prayer books and board games.

Our Catholic Faith is very important to us and we strive to ensure that we live out our mission statement to the best of our ability every day. As well as celebrating class and whole school Masses in school, we also participate in worship alongside the parishioners of St Gerard's during Sunday commitment Masses. Year 3 is a very important year for us as we take further steps along our Faith Journey receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Eucharist.

World Faith week - during this week Year 3 study different aspects of the Hindu faith. We explore the different festivals, especially Holi and Diwali and look at the different ways that Hindus practice their faith. We re-enact the story of Rama and Sita, cook food traditionally eaten during festival times and explore the colour and joy of Holi through artwork and music.

Our Learning

Find out more about our learning:


Adding our prayers to our class Prayer Tree.
An energetic PE lesson.

Creating artwork inspired by Kandinsky.
Designing a crest for St Gerard's Feast Day.

Independent work in an English lesson.
Enjoying our reading corner.

Performing an extract from the book, The Stone Age Boy.
Posting hand written letters to our favourite person.

Preparing a pupil led prayer service.
Problem solving during a maths lesson.

Selecting books in our school library.
Using iPads to make our own video.