St Gerard's Catholic Primary School
St Gerard's Catholic Primary School

Parent and Pupil Voice

Finding out what you think…

During the course of the year, we undertake a number of fact-finding activities with our pupils and parents.

Our children are very used to us having a ‘chat’ with senior members of staff to find out what they think of provision in school and how we can make it better. The process of pupil discussions is one of our formal monitoring opportunities in school; pupil voice is very important to us.

To this end, we operate a very successful School Council. This active group meet regularly each month, under the direction of Mrs Breen and Mrs Martin, and report to the Senior Leadership team on their ideas along with the e-safety committee and the classes.

Our parents’ opinions are equally as important to us. Whenever we invite parents into school we are used to evaluating their response to an event. Any suggested improvements are seriously considered and acted upon where appropriate.

We regularly seek parental views via an online questionnaire during Parents’ evening. Parents are also encouraged to complete the Ofsted online survey Parent View.