St Gerard's Catholic Primary School
St Gerard's Catholic Primary School

As part of our Confirmation programme, Year 6 visited St Chad’s Cathedral in Birmingham.

St Chad’s is known across the world as a beautiful building with a remarkable history and rich heritage. We discovered that the Cathedral was built between 1839 and 1841 and was the first Catholic Cathedral built in England since the Reformation. Augustus Welby Pugin, who also designed the palaces of Westminster and the iconic clock tower of Big Ben, designed it.

After an informative tour of the building including visiting the crypt, we celebrated mass at this beautiful cathedral. We all experienced a very spiritual day, which has prepared us for our forthcoming Sacrament of Confirmation.

“Did you know that during WW2 a bomb come through the roof and hit a water tank? Luckily, all the water crashed down and put the fire out, thereby saving the cathedral!” remarked Anais.

“Confirmation strengthens us to defend the faith and to spread the Gospel courageously.” – Pope Francis