St Gerard's Catholic Primary School
St Gerard's Catholic Primary School

‘Vocare’ is the Latin word meaning ‘to call’ and as a Catholic school we believe the biggest calling we hear is from God. We are called to be holy, called to follow God in our lives, and called to use our gifts at work. 

This week was ‘Vocations Week’ and we have been busy thinking about what God is calling us to be.

Each class started off by reading the story of ‘The Call of the Disciples’ and understanding that the apostles had a very important role in sharing Jesus’ ministry. Following this, the children explored the life of a different inspirational person who listened to God’s call and used their faith to serve others.

Many visitors were invited into our school to talk to the children about their vocations, including a religious sister, a priest, a charity worker, police officers, paramedics and a civil engineer.

Throughout the week, the children have thought about how they are serving God now, in their class, in their school, in their home and in their community.

To end the week, Year 6 took part in ‘Takeover Day.’ This was an opportunity for the children to step in the role of a member of staff’s shoes for the day! This meant, the children of Year 6 answered phone calls in the office, led assembly, put up displays and even planned and taught lessons across the school!

The day was a real success and a valuable opportunity to use their gifts and talents to serve others.