St Gerard's Catholic Primary School
St Gerard's Catholic Primary School

Health and Fitness Day highlights how sport and physical activity can not only benefit our mental and physical health, but our social lives too! The day aims to be accessible to everyone and prove that exercise and fitness is the best medicine for happier and healthier lives.

Starting the day in an active way, or having movement breaks throughout the day helps make us feel more energetic, happy and less stressed. By teaching children how to make regular exercise fun, they will be encouraged to maintain good healthy habits in their adult lives.

As part of our work on Health and Fitness Day, Year 4 are learning about what makes a balanced diet. They’ve recapped previous learning from Y3 on healthy eating and they’re using this knowledge to design a healthy menu.

Additionally, Year 4 are learning new team games that they can play together, developing their team working skills  They are looking forward to taking this new game outside at break and lunch and teaching the younger year groups.

To end Health and Fitness Day, Year 6 thought about the importance of their mental health and well-being. They created posters displaying positive affirmations, then decorated these by ‘zentangling’ – a perfect activity to relax the mind!