St Gerard's Catholic Primary School
St Gerard's Catholic Primary School

During World Faith Week, all pupils had the opportunity to learn about different faiths and religions. The week began with a whole school assembly to celebrate the shared values between different faith communities. Throughout the week, visitors came in and visits took place to immerse pupils into their learning and to discover first-hand, some of the traditions, beliefs, signs and symbols of other faiths. This gave an opportunity to promote understanding and greater interaction between different religions. Each year group focused on a particular faith, including:

  • Nursery and Reception learnt more about Catholic life;
  • Year 1 explored Christianity;
  • Year 2 learnt about Buddhism;
  • Year 3 enjoyed learning about Hinduism;
  • Year 4 explored Judaism;
  • Year 5 enjoyed learning about the Islamic faith;
  • Year 6 discovered more about the Sikh faith.

We concluded the week with a whole school assembly, each class had the opportunity to share what they had learnt. Through this, we have all gained a better understanding and respect for other faiths and beliefs.